01. SEPTEMBER 2020


Our mission is to inspire people!

Communication is EFFECT, not INTENT. This is what we always have in mind when developing a brilliant idea. We translate messages into emotional experiences that appeal to all the senses and are remembered for a long time.



As the central interface of production, we think ACROSS ALL DISCIPLINES right from the project planning stage.
It is our claim to combine TECHNOLOGY, CONTENT, MEDIA and ARTISTS in such a way that before the event it is recognizable how the commissioned show design works.



At events HUMAN meets TECHNOLOGY + meticulous planning to the second is one thing. On the day of execution, it is essential to be able to master even unforeseeable situations quickly and professionally. WE WORK INTERDISCIPLINARY, keep a cool head and are the rock in the surf, on and behind the stage.


24. OCTOBER 2019

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