Created by Grasshopper & Super Bonfire by Quintons Concept, Malaysia, China, Deutschland

This is where tradition meets digital modernity. The artist collective Grasshopper & Super Bonfire went in search of cultural traces in Malaysia and came back with a variety of traditional motifs from woodcarving and painting, mostly from the plant world. In his current work, Grasshopper deliberately focuses on the floral, organic-looking and sculpturally mobile motifs in contrast to the other artificial geometric-symmetrical and often axial forms of the video and facade mapping predominant in the western world. “Organic projection mapping” – Ukir was created under this guiding principle. For the Essen Light Festival, a modern, spectacular, music-synchronous 3D video mapping work was created. A contemporary interpretation of a classical floral canon of form and colour, developed at the highest technical level.

Playing time: from dusk till 10 pm
Location: Opernplatz

Our Input: Creation and Sparring Partner / Client Contact Hochtief